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Welcome to Ben & Jerry's Doodles!!

We're dog lovers, so our furbabies are part of our family. Therefore, our standards of raising them is second to none. All of our dogs are loved, raised, and socialized inside our home. Although we specialize in rare, quirky, and exotic colors such as merle, parti, and phantom; the primary concern of our breeding program is the health, temperament, and conformation of our dogs so they live long and happy lives!

All of our breedings are genetically planned culminations of many years of research and coordination with no corners cut to achieve optimal outcome. We invest the time, love, financials, and zeal into our breeding management process for optimum litter health and hybrid vigor. We strive to breed healthy, non-shedding, intelligent, hypoallergenic additions to your family.

Every dog in our program is either AKC or CKC registered, with some being dual registered. We understand getting a new puppy is one of the most fascinating and exciting milestones in your life. So to give new owners peace of mind and assurance that you are adopting with confidence, all of our pups come with 2 (two) year health guarantees. Before going to their new homes all pups are vet checked with their first round of vaccines and dewormed.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us at BenandJerryDoodles@gmail.com or 704-280-6435 to schedule an expert consultation with one of our breeder specialists about which size, color, or breed is right for you!

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