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Ben and Jerry Doodles


Here at Ben and Jerry Doodles we offer top quality, loving family pets. We're dog lovers, so our furbabies are part of our family. Therefore, our standards of raising them is second to none. Every dog in our program is either AKC or CKC registered, with some being dual registered. All of our dogs are loved, raised, and socialized inside our home. Although we specialize in rare, quirky, and exotic colors such as merle, parti, and phantom; the primary concern of our breeding program is the health, temperament, and conformation of our dogs so they live long and happy lives!


So, adopt with confidence! All of our breedings are genetically planned culminations of many years of research and coordination with no corners cut to achieve optimal outcome. We invest the time, love, financials, and zeal into our stringent breeding management process for optimum litter health and hybrid vigor. We strive to breed healthy, non-shedding, intelligent, hypoallergenic additions to your family. Puppies are health checked by our vet before going to their new homes.


To ensure the best possible health of our litters, all of our parent dogs go through stringent health and genetic tests that cover the full panel of breed-relevant genetic conditions and additional genetic conditions.


 CLICK HERE to see all the genetic conditions that we test for. 

Ben and Jerry Doodles, when nothing less than love will do. 


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