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Manny and Diana Fernandez

Living in South Florida, there is no shortage of Goldendoodle breeders within the area. After speaking with the breeders in the area, their tone, although professional and courteous, was also transactional and lacked the compassion we felt we needed to ensure we received a healthy dog.  Ultimately, we landed on Ben and Jerry Doodles in Charlotte, North Carolina.  When Judith picked up our first call, it just felt right. Yes, she too was professional and courteous, but you could sense the compassion and love that she had for what she did as the call went on. While on the phone, she shared stories of previous clients' successes, walked us through her website, and gave us her feedback on each dog we were interested in. For the next few days, we talked several times about her breeding process and philosophy, she sent us pictures and videos of the dogs interacting with their siblings and parents and we just knew that this was it. Now, two and a half months after picking up Ash in Charlotte, North Carolina, we still remain in contact with Judith, share pictures, and she continues to give us helpful advice and information. 

It was Judith’s caring demeanor that did it for us, she treated us like we were part of her family and she wanted to make sure that her dogs made it to the best homes possible. We just love our dog and we hope to remain in contact with Judith forever. It is without question, if we had to do it again, we would choose Ben and Jerry Doodles and gladly make the 14-hour drive, back to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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