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The love we invest in our program shows up in every puppy.

What Makes Us Unique?

We pride ourselves on having one of the best breeding programs in the country. As a result, we believe that the personalities of our puppies reflect the dedication of our team members.

When you adopt from us the initial puppy phase is a little easier on you because all of our pups have already received training of basic commands, potty training, and leash training as well as undergone daily enrichment: including socialization with kids and adult dogs, behavioral shaping, sound stimulation, and early neurological stimulation.

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Our Breeding

We have a strict breeding management approach in place to ensure the healthiest possible litters and the strongest possible hybrids. We aim to produce hypoallergenic, healthy, non-shedding pets for your family. 

Our Gals

Mothers at our home are bred, well-cared-for, and provided with extra nutrients including vitamins and calories, as well as lots of TLC. At 4 weeks, an ultrasound confirms their pregnancy, and at 7 weeks, an x-ray gives us their puppy count. 

Potty & Crate Training

It's a lot of work and a lot of noise, but it's well worth it! Crate training begins at three weeks old with all of our puppies. The first night in a new home is often the best night's sleep for a puppy, but we can't always guarantee it. Despite our best efforts, sometimes puppies are not yet totally potty trained, but they are making progress.

Our Dogs are Family 

Our dogs are family members to us and each one is unique, with its own set of wants and needs (such as extra cuddling while they're feeding their puppies, a little private fetch time, or being spoon-fed their breakfast). 

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Periodical Puppy Updates 

You'll get weekly puppy updates after your puppy is born. These provide a wealth of information on your puppy's progress, as well as more images of your litter for the week. We take pictures of our new babies all the time and share them with the world here! You, their forever families, have a lot to learn about them, and we want to share it all with you!

Professional Photography

Getting a new puppy is one of the most fun and life changing milestones in your life. So, to commemorate the occasion all of our puppies go to their new homes with framed photos taken by a professional photographer, digital images with printing license and watermark removal to be used on your social media, a complimentary 6-week puppy training course, and a gift bag of goodies!

Convenience Of Home Delivery Options 

Once your puppy adoption deposit is paid, we're not done - whether you're across town or across the nation, we offer delivery of your new pup to your doorstep. If you're interested in learning more about these different delivery options, CONTACT US.

For the puppy's safety and wellbeing, we've assembled an all-star delivery crew just for them. We offer delivery by airplane to your local airport or ground delivery. 

Hand Delivery By Car 

We offer local hand delivery by car. However, travel time must be no more than four hours from Charlotte, North Carolina. Give us a call to check rates. 

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Air Hand Delivery:

We offer flight nannies to meet you at your local airport, and also offer hand delivery to your doorstop. Give us a call to check rates. 

*******During holiday seasons, delivery fees are doubled.******


Support For The Rest Of Your Life

We mean it when we say we provide lifetime assistance. No matter how old your dog is, if you have a query, don't hesitate to contact us! We consider the families of our puppies to be part of our own, and we want to be there for you at every stage of the process. For anyone who doubts it, just ask the many families who have purchased from us time and time again.

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