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Meet the Breeder 

Judith Jamison is the breeder behind Ben and Jerry's Doodles located in Charlotte, NC. Our dogs are bred for health and temperament with a focus on conformation, athleticism, and intelligence. We are dedicated to providing our families with wonderful, healthy family pets.

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My Story

My passion for dogs comes from me being raised around dogs. Consequently, dogs have always been family to me. It's just something about a dog's unconditional love and loyalty that I cannot get enough of! Therefore, my motto is: Love is a four legged word!! And since I work from home I have all the time in the world to reciprocate all the love my furbabies can give!

I got into breeding because I was jogging and bumped into a guy with this BEAUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT dog! After pleasantries we went our separate ways but afterwards I wasn't even able to finish my jog after being so star-struck and intrigued on my first encounter with a Goldendoodle. Long story short so this all fits, I wasn't impressed with breeders in my area.

When looking for a pup in our area all the breeders we found seemed to either value litter profits over the well-being of their dogs, weren't very informed or educated in genetic testing, or they simply over charged for puppies because they were educated. But we invest the same amount of science, as love, into our breeding program to produce the ideal Goldendoodle without exorbitant prices.


We are always available to assist with questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us. 

(704) 280-6435

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